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At IDorganics, we offer a wide range of packaging solutions tailored to various needs, emphasizing high quality. From minimalist to functional packaging, our assortment is designed to meet diverse requirements. We prioritize eco-friendly materials, including recyclable options, compostable choices, and environmentally friendly printing ink. Understanding that packaging is an extension of the product, we pay attention to details that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.


With our in-house vertical form-fill machines and glass packaging machines, we provide the following packaging solutions:


Consumer Packaging:

Mason Jars. Our high-quality mason jars are perfect for preserving the natural taste and freshness of our products.

Twist-off Jars. Offering easy access and hermetic sealing, our twist-off jars provide a reliable packaging solution.

Bags. We offer various types of innovative bags crafted with carefully selected materials to maintain the freshness of our organic products.

Containers. Made from sustainable materials, our containers preserve the natural taste and freshness of our organic products.


Bulk Packaging:

For larger quantities, we offer efficient bulk packaging options suitable for both retail and industrial purposes.

The standard for our bulk packaging is 10kg. Depending on the volumetric weight of an item, the standard weight may vary.

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