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About us

Welcome to IDorganics, located in Zaandam, the Netherlands and a well-known player in the world of organic food. Our reputation is built on zero waste concepts and being a reliable producer of renowned organic brands. At IDorganics, we distinguish ourselves by sourcing organic raw materials directly from farmers, followed by a fully managed production process at our facility. From blending, roasting, and brewing to chocolate coating, packaging, and shipping, we handle it all in-house.


What makes us unique? Simply put, we use high-quality organic raw materials and work with special recipes. IDorganics stands not only for products but for a fair and artisanal approach, where passion for perfection is key. Our vision is a world where organic food is accessible to everyone, without compromising on quality, sustainability, and fairness. Our mission is to provide high-quality organic products with respect for nature and contribute to local communities and sustainable farming practices. Welcome to the world of IDorganics - where natural quality and craftsmanship come together.

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